How It Works

With everything moving to the internet these days, it was simply a matter of time before the alarm industry moved there too, and it is happening very, very quickly. Internet based alarm systems are here now and will lead the next growth burst of this industry for years to come. These new feature rich systems no longer prefer the old 800 dial-up "thru the phone line" communications method and instead send their alert signals through an IP (Internet Protocol) connection reaching the central stations site immediately either by wires or wirelessly.

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So with these changes happening it is now more important than ever that every alarm dealer of any kind and size have control of how their customer's alert signals get routed through this network. And more importantly, they should have the ability to control the destination of where the signal terminates to, on a moment's notice. This need for a route change can be due to either a smart business decision, such as contracting with a new central station or because of a disaster recovery situation where lives could be at stake.

By providing you with your own secure numbered IPv4 address, Keep Your IP™ gives you the peace of mind you get with knowing that as your business grows and merges into the new internet IP based world, you will be able to direct that growth as you desire.

Controlling your IP destiny starts by you simply ordering Secure IP Forwarding Services from Keep Your IP and being issued your own unique DUAL private IP addresses. For double redundancy on alarm panels offering Primary and Secondary failover features, Keep Your IP offers a dual IP addressing scheme where each IP address is carried and hosted on totally separate facilities on each side of the Continental U.S., one site in California and the other one in Florida.

Once service is ordered, you can login to your account and input the destination IP address and communications port of the initial central station you will be working with (your central station will provide this to you).

Then as you install new IP based alarm systems or as you visit existing systems that have internet signaling connectivity, you simply program your own unique IP addresses into each unit. When an alarm signal is sent, it will first be routed through our equipment which will then forward the signal to the IP address of the central station you configured on your account. All this happens with very minimal delay, in fact within milliseconds. Neither the customer nor central station will have any awareness that signals are being routed under your control (faster and cleaner than the traditional toll free method).

In the future, if you are ever unsatisfied with your central station and wish to reroute your customer's signals to a new location, simply log into your account any time (day or night), provide the new IP address information and your signals will be rerouted at the top of every hour. For extra security, all standard changes made through your online account will send out an authorization email before implementing. At that time, alert notifications will go out to the account holder on file advising them of the change request and allowing them time to cancel the request if needed. Urgent issues that require a more immediate response can be handled in our 24 hour customer support center.

Use our secure Sign up page to purchase your own routable IP address today and take control of your internet destiny!