There is a reseller plan available that has discounts for dealers or central stations wishing to resell or re-label our products to other dealers. 

You will need to know what IP address you are presently programming your panels to go to. This would be the IP address given to you by your servicing Central Station and is normally 4 sets of digits separated by periods. You will also need to know what port within that IP address to forward. Again, this is normally provided to you by your Central Station or sometimes your equipment vendor. Public ports normally range from 0 to 49,151.

KeepYourIP™’s forwarding service is meant strictly for simple alarm alert sized packets that are of TCP and UDP type (the kind most alarm panels use). It is not meant for computers, browsers, continuous streaming or video type traffic. Thus we will not allow HTTP, FTP, SMTP or other such ports to be entered in your accounts port configuration field. For security purposes, we will not allow system ports under 1024 to forward. IP addresses that belong to well known public sites such as Yahoo, Google, etc cannot be entered in your accounts IP forwarding configuration field.

 Presently you can only forward one port per IP purchased. You can however have as many separate IPs forward to the same address as you wish, each one having a different port.

No, absolutely not. You can have one IP address for as many customers as you need(1). For redundancy purposes, however, we recommend that you purchase the Dual-IP service so that you have both a Primary and Secondary IP address to configure on your panels that support it. Additionally, for maximum flexibility, you may want (and technically need) to get a different IP for each of your central station providers if you have more than one.

(1) Although the KeepYourIP™ system can handle large amounts of customers, a practical limitation may be imposed on dealers that show an extremely large amount of internet traffic coming from their underlying customers.

Although not required by KeepYourIP™, you may need to purchase a separate IP address for each of your panel brands based on the ports they use. If you have different types of panels using different ports then you will need to have one IP address (or the recommended Dual-IP for Primary and Secondary) for each.

 No not really. However, although not required by KeepYourIP™, we would recommend that you advise any of your servicing central stations that you are our customer. They may already be a partner of ours and thus may be able to provide us with any outage reroute requests on your behalf in a faster manner than usual.

No, IP’s are considered a scarce public resource and not really an asset that can be simply bought and sold. This policy has always existed and is enforced by the public internet controlling entities (such as IANA, ARIN etc). In fact, the availability of new and unused IPV4 addresses, which are the 4 digit type of addresses that all central stations use, has been exhausted since the beginning of 2011. Like any internet service provider or other IP address holder, KeepYourIP™ has the rights to use its assigned group of IP’s for as long as they still have them truly in use and active. We are simply extending to you exclusive forwarding control rights to IPs we have been assigned. However unlike internet service providers, KeepYourIP™ exists solely to provide you its forwarding service and guarantees to never reassign or reissue the unique addresses assigned to you for as long as you are our customer.

Each of our sites feature DUAL redundant network hardware and servers. All key components have active backups on site and are duplicated at each host location. Each of our hosting sites uses a totally different network service provider. By using the primary/secondary IP programming features of most alarm alerting systems, your customers service is assured during most any outage envisioned. Think of it as a backup for the backup!

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Joe Ligouri, Micro Key Solutions

"We can now provide a total solution for our clients to reroute their IP alarm signals to our secure Disaster Recovery (DR) Center in the event of any outages at their central station."

Jason L. Brooks, Total Monitoring Services

"Keep Your IP’s partner program allows us to manage our clients IP’s, add services and change IP’s to different receivers all in real time."

Terry L. Gartman, Hunter Security Inc.

"By using both East and West coast KYIP locations I feel confident we have established a very dependable disaster recovery solution for our Internet monitored customers."

Nexgeneration Central
Matthew E. Bergeron, Nexgeneration Central

"Their service has been a lifesaver on a few occasions where I had to reroute static IP addresses when our IP provider was down. Also their web interface for configuration and rerouting static IP addresses is extremely user friendly and fast!"

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KeepYourIP is a leading world-wide provider of secure alarm signals for the security alarm industry that enable dealers, integrators and central stations full control over their iPv4 alarm signals at an affordable price. 


KYIP, Inc.
26741 Portola Parkway
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Phone: (866) 444-7007
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