Scale & Manage Your Alarm Accounts with Fully Redundant iPv4 Addresses.

Easily control how your customer’s alert signals get routed and control the destination of where the signal terminates to, on a moment’s notice.

Celebrating over 10 years In The Security Industry.

KeepYourIP™ has been providing secure IP addresses built for the alarm & security industry since 2011. Alarm dealers & installers can program their own IP address to communicate their IP alarm panels to central station monitoring receivers. 


Take Control of Your Alarm Signals Today

KeepYourIP™ provides independence and secure reliability in transmission of these alert signals. Our services promote competition, provide scalability, and allow consistent budgeting for the alarm industry. In a time of constant change and conscience buying we deliver an aggressive product that will fit all standards of economic growth.

Simple & Secure Signal Transmission

When an alarm signal is sent, it will first be routed through our equipment which will then forward the signal to the IP address of the central station you configured on your account within milliseconds. Neither the customer nor central station will have any awareness that signals are being routed under your control; (faster and cleaner than the traditional toll-free method).


1. Customer's Alarm

Configured with unique KeepYourIP™ address


2. Customer's ISP

Alerts sent through internet, cable, DSL, etc.


3. Internet Cloud

Routers throughout the internet pass alerts to our servers


4. Monitoring Company

Alert signal is processed


5. Internet Cloud

Routers throughout the internet pass alerts to our monitoring servers


6. KeepYourIP Servers

Keep Your IP servers direct alerts to the monitoring station

"KeepYourIP is the smartest thing since having your own phone lines. What a no brainer."

"We recently swung to a new central station and could only image the nightmare of NOT having our own IP addresses.   The process to swing our network accounts only took a few minutes and was painless. In this fast paced industry, we all need more solutions like this."

Collette M. | Came Security Systems

The Latest News From KeepYourIP

The Importance of Backup in IP Forwarding for Alarm Monitoring

As it is with any technical service, backup is critical in IP forwarding. Alarm monitoring providers can rest assured that KeepYourIP™ has more than adequate backup for our IP forwarding service. Here’s what we have in place. 
Essentials to Get Started with IP Forwarding

Essentials to Get Started with IP Forwarding

Although our IP forwarding service for alarm monitoring providers is simple and straightforward, it does require a few essentials to get started. Here’s what you need. 

How We Help Monitoring Centers Accelerate RMR With Minimal Cost Or Time Investment

Alarm dealers are frequently concerned about maintaining and increasing their recurring monthly revenue (RMR) goals. If you operate an alarm monitoring center, one way you can help your alarm dealers accelerate their RMR is by adding KeepYourIP™ IP address forwarding to your existing portfolio of services. 
How IP Forwarding Improves Signal Transmission for Alarm Monitoring

How IP Forwarding Improves Signal Transmission for Alarm Monitoring

Central station monitoring centers, and alarm dealers who provide their own in-house monitoring of customer alarms, can all benefit from a path to easier monitoring management. Our IP forwarding service for alarm monitoring provides that path, with these simple steps.  

What is Disaster Recovery for the Alarm Industry?

Disaster recovery is an organization’s method of regaining access and functionality to its IT infrastructure after an event — typically, an event that triggers a compromise in technology infrastructure and business operations. The event could be a natural disaster, cyber attack, or (as many organizations experienced in the past two years), a viral pandemic. 

Keeping it User Friendly at KeepYourIP

Most of us rely on the internet for support in every facet of life, both at work and at home. That includes support for our electronic security technology, whether we are users or providers. Without reliable internet, the networks that support electronic security devices are susceptible to interruptions and crashes. But how often do those crashes really happen, how do they affect alarm monitoring services, and what can be done about it?
Joe Ligouri, Micro Key Solutions

"We can now provide a total solution for our clients to reroute their IP alarm signals to our secure Disaster Recovery (DR) Center in the event of any outages at their central station."

Jason L. Brooks, Total Monitoring Services

"Keep Your IP’s partner program allows us to manage our clients IP’s, add services and change IP’s to different receivers all in real time."

Terry L. Gartman, Hunter Security Inc.

"By using both East and West coast KYIP locations I feel confident we have established a very dependable disaster recovery solution for our Internet monitored customers."

Nexgeneration Central
Matthew E. Bergeron, Nexgeneration Central

"Their service has been a lifesaver on a few occasions where I had to reroute static IP addresses when our IP provider was down. Also their web interface for configuration and rerouting static IP addresses is extremely user friendly and fast!"

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KeepYourIP is a leading world-wide provider of secure alarm signals for the security alarm industry that enable dealers, integrators and central stations full control over their iPv4 alarm signals at an affordable price. 


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