What is Disaster Recovery for the Alarm Industry?

And more importantly, how can an IP forwarding service help? 

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is an organization’s method of regaining access and functionality to its IT infrastructure after an event — typically, an event that triggers a compromise in technology infrastructure and business operations. The event could be a natural disaster, cyber attack, or (as many organizations experienced in the past two years), a viral pandemic. 

What Does Disaster Recovery Depend On?

After one of these devastating events takes place, the success of an organization’s disaster recovery depends on the organization’s ability to respond to and recover from the event. When it comes to an electronic security company, like an alarm dealer or central station, disaster recovery is largely dependent upon being able to redirect IP addresses as needed. 

How Can KeepYourIP Help?

Keep Your IP can help with disaster recovery by rerouting clients’ IP alarm signals to our secure Disaster Recovery (DR) Center. Because Keep Your IP has our own DR centers located on both costs, we can provide disaster recovery centers to any alarm dealer or central station monitoring provider in the continental United States.

Central station outages will happen, but we’re here to help make sure they don’t disrupt your business continuity. 

Contact KeepYourIP for More Information 

If you are an alarm dealer or operate a central station for alarm monitoring, you need a reliable disaster recovery solution. Keep Your IP can provide it with our secure IP address forwarding service and other technical productions specific to electronic security. To learn more about partnering with us for disaster recovery, call Keep Your IP today.  

About KeepYourIP™ 

Keep Your IP is a leading, worldwide provider of secure alarm signals for the security alarm industry that enable dealers, integrators and central stations full control over their iPv4 alarm signals at an affordable price.

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