"Keep Your IP is the smartest thing since having your own phone lines.   What a no brainer.  We have been a customer of KYIP for several years now. KYIP has made the process of controlling your own IP addresses easy and certainly affordable.  We recently swung to a new central station and could only image the nightmare of NOT having our own IP addresses. The process to swing our network accounts only took a few minutes and was painless. In this fast paced industry, we all need more solutions like this.   KYIP, from the very beginning, has been an efficient and professional company to work with and I highly recommend, if you haven¹t already, GET YOUR OWN IP addresses. These are the people that make it happen."


Collette Came
Came Security Alarms

"Acadian Monitoring Services is pleased to work with Keep Your IP as its service gives Acadian dealers the flexibility of owning their own IP address, while also providing Acadian the benefits and flexibility to more efficiently manage IP routing and quickly alleviate any technical issues that may occur. Using Keep Your IP, Acadian is able to route different IP addresses to any of our three central stations in a matter of minutes. Keep Your IP is an affordable solution that offers Acadian dealers control over their communication options, as well as peace of mind knowing any down time will be minimal. Acadian looks forward to a beneficial and long-term partnership with Keep Your IP so that we may help our dealers control the future of their respective companies."

Nick Bearb
Acadian Monitoring Services

“We have been using KeepYourIP West and East Coast IP addresses since 2014 and have relied on their service for all of our IP alarm signals.  They have been reliable and their service gives us the flexibility to move signals to a DR location in a matter of minutes.  It also helps us not be married to a specific Internet provider which gives both us relief and our alarm dealers.  We also like the partner program KeepYourIP has developed, because it allows us to control the IP addresses on behalf of our alarm dealer clients.  We highly recommend KeepYourIP to our dealers as well as anyone that has IP alarm panels in the field.”

Tara Cooke
Grand Central Station

"We have been looking everywhere for a company like KeepYourIP and so glad to have found them, because we have over 150 Videofied alarm panels today and KeepYourIP allows us to control our signals and maintain the value of our company moving forward. I highly recommend any alarm dealer that is installing Videofied to use KeepYourIP."

Jim Flick
FireOne, Inc.
Joe Ligouri, Micro Key Solutions

"We can now provide a total solution for our clients to reroute their IP alarm signals to our secure Disaster Recovery (DR) Center in the event of any outages at their central station."

Jason L. Brooks, Total Monitoring Services

"Keep Your IP’s partner program allows us to manage our clients IP’s, add services and change IP’s to different receivers all in real time."

Terry L. Gartman, Hunter Security Inc.

"By using both East and West coast KYIP locations I feel confident we have established a very dependable disaster recovery solution for our Internet monitored customers."

Nexgeneration Central
Matthew E. Bergeron, Nexgeneration Central

"Their service has been a lifesaver on a few occasions where I had to reroute static IP addresses when our IP provider was down. Also their web interface for configuration and rerouting static IP addresses is extremely user friendly and fast!"

Our Company

KeepYourIP™ provides secure IP addresses built for the alarm & security industry. This way, alarm dealers & installers will be able to program their own IP address to communicate their IP alarm panels to central station monitoring receivers. KeepYourIP™ provides independence and secure reliability in transmission of these alert signals. Our services promote competition, provide scalability, and allow consistent budgeting for the alarm industry. In a time of constant change and conscience buying we deliver an aggressive product that will fit all standards of economic growth.

Join Thousands of Alarm Dealers & Wholesale Monitoring Companies Around The World Who Use KeepYourIP To Manage & Scale Their Operations!

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KeepYourIP is a leading world-wide provider of secure alarm signals for the security alarm industry that enable dealers, integrators and central stations full control over their iPv4 alarm signals at an affordable price. 


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