How We Help Monitoring Centers Accelerate RMR With Minimal Cost Or Time Investment

Alarm dealers are frequently concerned about maintaining and increasing their recurring monthly revenue (RMR) goals. If you operate an alarm monitoring center, one way you can help your alarm dealers accelerate their RMR is by adding KeepYourIP™ IP address forwarding to your existing portfolio of services. 

With the help of Keep Your IP, you can promote the ability to help your alarm dealers retain more clients month after month — all with a minimal investment in our IP forwarding service. Other ways we can help you serve your alarm dealer clients better include:

Removing Barriers

Too much dependence on internet service providers (ISPs) can be a barrier to success. We remove that barrier to control your reliance on ISPs and help you monitor more customers for your clients. 

Providing Backup

Redundancy, a key component of disaster recovery and prevention, is greatly improved when we support border gateway protocol (BGP) between locations.

Then, you’ll have the ability to promote better backup and redundancy for the seamless disaster recovery and improved uptime your clients need. 

Contact Keep Your IP for More Information 

If you are unsure whether IP forwarding may be the key to unlocking RMR for your clients, let us tell you more. Contact Keep Your IP to discuss how partnering with us can be a game changer for your clients — which means a healthier bottom line for you.  

About KeepYourIP™ 

Keep Your IP is a leading, worldwide provider of secure alarm signals for the security alarm industry that enable dealers, integrators and central stations full control over their iPv4 alarm signals at an affordable price.

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