POTS is Dead…Long Live IP!

When the digital dialer was introduced…

…to the central stations and alarm dealers started using toll free numbers (800’s) for the panels to dial, this was for 2 reasons, the first was so that the subscribers didn’t incur the cost of the phone calls but more importantly so that the dealer or central station could easily move the termination point for the call very quickly.

When toll free portability was easily accomplished it changed the way the alarm industry worked. It allowed not only for disaster recovery and other redundancy plans but it also drastically altered the way accounts were bought and sold. Now for a dealer to purchase another they could transfer the accounts in a very short amount of time to anywhere with very little technical effort.
Now with new Technology advancements today, it’s a different story. Many of the IP based alarm panels and radios transmit to the central station receivers using a fixed or static IP address, this certainly is the best, most secure, and direct method but it also doesn’t allow a dealer to transfer their accounts in the event of a sale or in the need to move central stations because the static IP address is controlled by central station through their ISP (Internet Service Provider).

IP addresses ARE NOT PORTABLE and will never be according to ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) a non – profit organization that controls all IP addresses in the world.
This is where KeepYourIP comes in, what we do is rent the dealer or central station static IP’s of their own. We have the ability to route the IP signaling to any central station monitoring center in the world. KeepYourIP has a direct relationship & partnership with ARIN to provide IP addresses to our clients. For smaller central stations this gives them the flexibility to use any ISP (Internet Service Provider) they want because the IP addresses from KeepYouIP can be routed to any static IP without the need to use BGP (Border Gateway Protocol).

For the alarm dealers, this means that once again they now can be independent and can sell accounts or move central stations without having to reprogram all the panels in the field.
KeepYouIP has 3 data centers, one on each coast, it’s recommended that you always rent 2 for redundancy, that way if there is ever an outage you always have two independent routes already in place.

About KeepYourIP

KeepYourIP™ provides secure IP addresses built for the alarm & security industry. Our service gives alarm dealers & installers the ability to program their own IP address to communicate their IP alarm panels to central station monitoring receivers.

No other organization has this level of expertise concentrated in one place with both alarm and central station experience blended with back-end network and telecommunications experience. Sign up today to own your easily re-routable IP address for as little as $24.99 a month with unlimited alarm panel signals.

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