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Since its inception in 2011, KeepYourIP has been featured in every major industry outlet including SDM, Security Today, Security InfoWatch and more.  Below are excerpts from each article with links to the original publication.

Security Today: IP Forwarding Service for Alarm Industry at ISC West

Published: April 12th, 2012 | Full Story >

It was quite clear at this year’s ISC West that the security industry continues to gravitate toward online functionality and mobile applications. Well, the alarm industry is no different. A new affordable IP forwarding service caught the attention of Security Products Magazine’ Online Sales Director at the conference because of its innovation that I’m sure more industry insiders will be whispering about in the near future.

Keep Your IP (KYI), designed in Irvine, Calif., has produced an Internet data forwarding service designed just for the alarm industry.

Security InfoWatch: KeepYourIP pledges support for ESA

Published: July 26th 2012 | Full Story >

“I am very excited to have KeepYourIP be a part of the Executive Strategic Partner program,” said KeepYourIP Director of Sales & Marketing and Principal Davin A. Roos. “Ever since we have joined ESA, we have had an experience like no other and now with the ESP program we will be able to deliver and participate in all that ESA has to offer. ESA truly sets the bar for an alarm association and we are looking forward to many more years of success with them.”

After many alarm manufacturers began offering products that communicate to the central station via the internet, the need for an IP forwarding service developed. Since February 2011, KeepYourIP has filled that need by enabling alarm dealers to own a specific IP address for secure communications between panels and receivers.

SDM: Keep Your IP Opens New Data Center in Partnership With ScaleMatrix

Published: August 6th 2012 | Full Story >

Keep Your IP, Irvine, Calif., a company offering internet data forwarding service designed just for the alarm industry, opened its third server array located within the operations of Scale Matrix in San Diego, Calif.

Using almost 100,000 square feet of space, ScaleMatrix takes an infrastructure-based approach to providing hosting solutions to clients at every stage of their IT Lifecycle development.

Security Today: Keep Your IP Announces Partnership with Industry Leader COPS Monitoring

Published: November 28th 2012 | Full Story >

KYI, Inc. and COPS Monitoring have signed an agreement wherein COPS will offer the complete lineup of Keep Your IP services to their approximately 3,500 dealers.

Keep Your IP is considered the industry’s first and only internet IPv4 forwarding service designed exclusively for the alarm industry. Keep Your IP services will be both a tool to increase value for the alarm dealer by giving them better control over of their accounts as well as critical IP disaster recovery support service for the Central Station.

SDM Magazine: Let Freedom Ring Once Again

Published: November 4th 2012 | Full Story >

Having watched the electronic security industry grow over the past 35 years, I found that what happened in the 1980s is here again. Before the introduction of the digital communicator around 1977, each alarm company had its own central station with leased, direct-wire types of connections to clients’ systems. Once the digital dialer demonstrated that alarm signals could be reliably transmitted over a client’s existing POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) telephone line, along came the advent of the “800-number” or “contract” central station. This disruptive technology provided explosive growth for our industry, as alarm installation companies did not need to operate their own central station to provide monitoring for their subscribers’ accounts.


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