Keep Your IP Joins the Canadian Security Association (CANASA)

As a worldwide security telecommunications provider for security dealers and central stations, KeepYourIP is proud to announce that we have joined the membership of the Canadian Security Association (CANASA). CANASA is Canada’s number one security industry organization with 1,000+ members strong and growing across 10 regions of the country.

What CANASA Does

CANASA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the security industry throughout Canada. The organization is especially known for protecting and promoting the interests of its members and the safety of all Canadians through education, advocacy and leadership. They are dedicated to maintaining a professional environment for their members, with the tools and standards needed to enhance the safety and security of all Canadians. These are the ideal values for any security technology provider to espouse.

What CANASA Membership Means

Because of our CANASA membership, KeepYourIP now has access to a comprehensive network of services that will help us support our own Canadian clients better. Those services include:

  • High quality security education.
  • Government relations and advocacy.
  • Marketing and communications.
  • The latest industry information and news.

CANASA represents all segments of the industry, including the back-end technology space we occupy and the alarm/central station segments our clients specialize in. We are excited to be affiliated with an organization that has such prominence in Canada’s security industry and influence over the outstanding security integrators throughout the country.

The Vision We Share with CANASA

At KeepYourIP, we are especially pleased with CANASA’s dedication to enforcing integrity among its members with the following directive: “Members shall always be aware of the trust placed in them by their customers and will not misrepresent their ability, experience, credentials or reputation to existing clients and prospective clients.” As everyone in the security integration and monitoring space knows, maintaining the trust of our customers is critical.

If you share the vision of CANASA and KeepYourIP, consider upgrading your back-end technology to an Internet Protocol (IP) connection that reaches the central station via your own secure IPv4 numbered address. That’s what KeepYourIP offers security integrators like you. Contact us today for more information.

About KeepYourIP™

KeepYourIP is a leading, worldwide provider of secure alarm signals for the security alarm industry that enable dealers, integrators and central stations full control over their iPv4 alarm signals at an affordable price.
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