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By now, you know that KeepYourIP™ allows alarm dealers and central stations to program their own IP addresses and communicate their IP alarm panels to monitoring receivers, via a secure forwarding service that makes the process seamless and discreet. Now, it’s time to learn about some of our featured products that make things even easier for electronic security businesses like yours. 

Multiple Ports

With our new Multiple Ports feature, alarm dealers and central stations can have multiple ports assigned to a single IP address. With Multiple Ports, your technicians only keep track of one set of IP addresses, no matter how many ports you are assigned. It can be especially helpful when your central station maxes out the capacity of the IP port in the receiver; if you get assigned another port for new installations, Multiple Ports manages them all so that the techs only have to keep track of one. You can buy this featured product now for only $20.99. 

Port Translation

When your accounts in the field are set up on one port, but you need the alarm signal to terminate to another port at the central station, Port Translation can make it happen with no service interruptions. This is an outstanding product for alarm dealers who are switching central stations — specifically, when the new monitoring center is using a different port for their receiver. With Port Translation, your only task is to make the change in the portal; no need to re-program all your accounts for the new port. This product is also available for the accessible price point of $20.99.

Keep Your IP gives alarm dealers and central stations a way to program their own existing IP addresses without service interruptions to customers — but that’s just the beginning of what we offer. To learn more about our featured products for ports, contact Keep Your IP today. 

About KeepYourIP™ 

KeepYourIP is a leading, worldwide provider of secure alarm signals for the security alarm industry that enable dealers, integrators and central stations full control over their iPv4 alarm signals at an affordable price.

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