Featured Services for IP ID and Usage Reporting

In addition to enabling alarm dealers and central stations to keep their own IP addresses when connecting their IP alarm panels to monitoring services, KeepYourIP™ has featured products and services that make doing business in the electronic security space even simpler. Here are two more offerings that do this. 


This service masks the address your IP traffic is coming from and gives it a unique ID number. If you’re an alarm dealer using a third party central station, our IP ID product will allow all of your accounts to be seen differently from other dealers using KeepYourIP.  

This type of model has been used in telecommunications for years, in variations on call forwarding, caller ID and various voice over IP services used for business. Now, it’s available to you as an electronic security provider. 

Usage Reporting

With usage reporting, you can get unlimited reporting access on your IP addresses. Reports are incremented into 24-hour chunks, which provides you with visibility to each device’s public IP address using the timestamp of the receiver. It’s also great for helping you track down nefarious activity, because you’ll be able to see all traffic on the server in daily increments. 

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Both of these services are available for the accessible price point of $9.99. Keep Your IP gives alarm dealers and central stations a way to program their own existing IP addresses without service interruptions to customers — but that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we can do for you. To learn more about our IP ID and usage reporting services, contact Keep Your IP today. 

About KeepYourIP™ 

KeepYourIP is a leading, worldwide provider of secure alarm signals for the security alarm industry that enable dealers, integrators and central stations full control over their iPv4 alarm signals at an affordable price.

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